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FE3 is the third studio release by Canadian progressive rock band Falling Edge. Three years in the making, the band faced unprecedented setbacks in the creation of this 8 song full length album. Opening and closing tracks "Where Should We Go From Here" and "Where Should We Go From Here (reprise)" frame the remaining songs like bookends opening and closing doors to this exploration of the human journey. Falling Edge listeners will by now be familiar with the band's penchant for longer songs that allow the music to be fully developed in a way that the average length rock or pop song cannot hope to attain, and this album is no exception, featuring 4 songs exceeding 10 minutes in length. Although not strictly by design, the album also features acoustic and classical guitars and an instrumental piece, as did the previous 2 releases. Says the band's composer, guitarist, and vocalist Chris Rupert, "Although I love all of our music, I feel that this is the band's finest work to date. I hope it moves listeners in the way it moved me."


released December 10, 2018

Chris Rupert - guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards
Rob Kovar - drums
All songs written by Chris Rupert with drums by Rob Kovar
Lyrics by Chris Rupert
Engineered and produced by Chris Rupert
Mastered by Andy Krehm


all rights reserved



Falling Edge Ontario

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Track Name: Where Should We Go From Here?
Where should we go from here?
Should we escape? The sky is falling
Should we just disappear?
I think I hear the future calling

What should we do this year?
We could escape the sky is falling
We could just disappear
With no regrets, no wait, no stalling
Track Name: Experience Innocence
Turn my gaze out to the mountain and across vermilion skies
As unfamiliar creatures pass me by
Overwhelmed by awe and wonder at the 1st time my eyes seeing, heightened senses now perceiving


Experience of my innocence
In a sense all my understanding has been revealed by experience

Experience innocence
Innocence of the implications is absent in my experience

Sound of waves crashing in the ocean in their perpetual motion
Depth of nature's power engulfing me
Salty sweetness of the water quenching my mind for ever after


As my time here slips away I can't shake this nagging feeling that I cannot return to this place
It pains me more than I can say
And despite my best efforts to circumvent the end or linger
It's still time to go

Buried deep within my consciousness of it I'm unaware
but nonetheless these transformations make me who I am
And I can no more separate the process from myself
than I can undo all the things that set it into motion, into motion strange notion

But the inadequate breadth of human understanding
cannot grasp the impact of this enigmatic mystery
For the moment we begin to understand the nature of the one
the other exercises dominance yet unforeseen


You cannot establish control
The effort will exact its toll
The process will regain control

It's all too easy to acquiesce to errant thought and fear we've simply got too much to lose
But it's all too often that the things we need to grow, those things we need to grow are things we so seldom choose

Track Name: I Will Not Comply
Helpless and hopeless, I struggle in vain
The enemy taunts me once again
Succumb to temptation, in my degradation
Things once held sacred now profane

The spirit is willing, the flesh it is weak
Any sense of control lost in the end
And though my past haunts me, my destiny calls me
Save me before I fall again

An overwhelming emptiness engulfs my soul
My very consciousness becomes my enemy
It seems no matter how I try my dark side just won't be denied
I'm trapped on the ice I keep falling through

Surrounded by vile evil legions entrapped here by the enemy
I pray for my deliverance will my prayer go unanswered?

How long must I remain held as a prisoner here
Mired in depravity and gross inequity?
Of all good I've been undiscerning and I feel the pain of endless yearning
Do what I can to save what's left of me

Time seems to have stopped as I edge ever closer to the void
Staring at damnation my soul screams in desperation

The father of all lies has me in his sights
I will not comply, struggle to defy

The source of my weakness: my false independence
has blinded me to reality
I left myself open to all that could be
(and) I felt a change come over me

Accepting His presence forsaking my will
I realize now I'm truly free
Strengthened by promise, suspended by hope
I rise to confront the enemy

I race against tomorrow to complete my goal
Though I will surely die there is no other way
Cognizant as I journey on the path I've set my self upon
May take me where I'd rather not have strayed
Arising from the ashes of my former self I've been set free
I'm now who I was meant to be my eyes fixed on eternity

Though my heart beat its last I'll not concede defeat
I'd gladly rather die than serve the likes of you
Though my end may be drawing near I've strangely lost all sense of fear
Enrapt by what I know now I must do

Untethered by self-preservation, undaunted by impending doom
A slave to my will no more I engage my final conflict

You have been denied – I will not comply
Look into my eyes – no longer defiled
Track Name: Gone
You fancy yourself a hero, keeping infidels at bay
Rising from the ashes of Nero in a more covert sort of way
With a healthy fear of strangers, unhindered by the truth, the onus is on you
Your ends never fail to justify your means though they shape the lens that you look through
Your perception of events you've never seen explains why you do the things you do

Embark upon your mission to nowhere to a nameless danger zone
The enemy is surely out there somewhere, maybe not so far from home
Rest assured we're not alone
In vain you search for honour, as honour won't find you as troubles often do
It's unfortunate but true
Pent-up paranoia corrupts the minds of fools and the seed it sows grows into you

Led by the great deceiver you seek out unbelievers
Confident you'll find someone to carry you home
You found a phony leader, struck down some non-believers
Then fumbled through the night so they could carry you home
Carry you home

It's hard to see reality clearly - so much confusion left to undo
You really shouldn't take yourself so seriously – just forget what you thought you knew
The rest is up to you
You surrendered to delusion and now they have you too
The prophecy has come true as prophecies often do

Though I've tried I fail to see the world through your eyes
Where honesty becomes lies and fear wears its thin disguise
Yes your path is fraught with danger

Led by the great deceiver you sought out unbelievers
Confident you'd find someone to carry you home
You found a phony leader, struck down some non-believers
Then fumbled through the night so they could carry you home
Carry you home

last time:

Then stumbled back to camp so they could carry you home
Carry you home
Track Name: What Will You Do When You Find Me?
I wish we ruled the world just like we did when we were 17
We had a good run for a while but now it's over
Every now and then I catch a glimpse of what the future holds
It reminds me of the things we did back then

As we move through our lives we move through changes
It's funny though, the thing that's stayed the same
is the mess that you're in

I know it's hard to understand why I left there so long ago
How things once held so close began diverging
All those things you used to know but never really understood
Were keys unlocking secrets trapped inside your mind

Now I've become the object of your seeking
You'll search your whole life what will you do
When you finally find me?

Locked in futile old ways
You hold the key just unlock the door
Set aside the old days
Discover what you're living for

You thought you'd never see me, thought I'd gone so far away
Thought you'd moved on and left me far behind you
Your narrow mind could never see the fact was in all honesty
I was the one who took the helm not you

You ask questions but don't listen for the answers
You work so hard to keep your mind closed
How can you possibly find me?

Trapped inside your old ways
You hold the key just unlock the door
Take leave of the old days
Discover what you're fighting for

Locked in futile old ways
You hold the key just unlock your door
Set aside the old days
Discover what you're dying for

Set aside the old days
Please take my key and unlock your door
Take leave of your old ways
Is this life you love worth dying for?
Track Name: Moments of Truth
I've been confined to this cell for so long
I wonder if there really ever was a time
When my time was really mine
And I don't know how or why
I just let my life pass before my eyes
Now I can't stop wondering how I got to where I am now

Your mind is playing tricks on you
In time it transforms what you thought you knew

Don't let your demons grow inside you till they've Swallowed your soul

Don't think I'll ever find my way home
Sometimes I lie awake in the night
Wondering what was meant for me
If there were any other way
I wouldn't have let my freedom just slip away
And I'd give all I own to get it back for one single day

It's time to distance yourself from your past
Resign from all the self doubt you've amassed

Soon all your ponderings and wonderings
Will have taken their toll
Left to our own devices worry will establish control

There've been times in my life when quiet moments of truth
Have brought me peace in hope and joy
Though desperation and strife and dissolution of youth
Had left my sense of self destroyed

It isn't like I haven't given everything that I am

There may be no way back once you've gone...

Align yourself with things you know are true
There's no salvation in the hell you keep putting yourself through

There've been times in my life when quiet moments of truth
Have brought me peace in hope and joy
Though desperation and strife and separation from youth
Had left my sense of self destroyed

If I were anybody else I might have made out just fine
I'd rather not know how close I came to the end of the line
Track Name: Where Should We Go From Here (reprise)
We should just go my dear
Let's go before the past comes calling
While we just stagnate here
I think I hear the future calling

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